We all reference reviews. Going out to eat? Check Yelp reviews. Buying a new vacuum? Check Amazon reviews. Evaluating tools for a business? Check G2 reviews.

But how many businesses spend the appropriate amount of time collecting these reviews? Not enough.

98% of people read reviews. This is critical for all business types, but especially local businesses.

Business reviews allow businesses to hear directly from their audience. These reviews are written by potential customers, current customers, and past customers. If a business doesn't encourage its customers to leave reviews, they likely won't receive any. And if they are not proactively gathering reviews, there is a strong chance they are not responding to the negative reviews either. This is a problem.

The cadence of collecting reviews depends on your business type:

  • Local business: shortly after the transaction. Gather the customer's email and/or phone number and text them a survey link in a timely fashion.
  • Online businesses selling a product: 2 weeks after the customer receives the product.
  • SaaS company: 1 month after the company starts using the product.

Methods to collect reviews:

  • SMS messages.
  • Email campaign.
  • Newsletter.
  • Social posts.

Regardless of the business type, incentivize your customers to fill out the survey. Reward their time. Don't buy their opinion.

Incentive ideas by business type:

  • Local business: 10%-20% off your next order.
  • Online businesses selling a product: Get a free item with your next purchase.
  • SaaS company: $25 Amazon gift card.

What to do when you receive a negative review? Respond with honesty. Own your mistakes and offer a solution, but make sure you fairly address the customer and their review.

Remember, 89% of consumers trust businesses that address every review.

These reviews are also marketing collateral. You can use the reviews:

  • On your website.
  • As social proof on organic and paid social media.
  • Turn positive customers into micro-influencers.
  • Turn reviews into customer testimonials.

Reviews are worth the time investment. Don't sit on this opportunity to gather positive reviews, address negative ones, and turn positive reviews into marketing material. It is worth your time, trust me.

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