Here are my initial thoughts on Meta’s Threads:

  • Twitter is in trouble, not immediately, but everyone has been looking for a Twitter alternative since Musk purchased it. Users won’t delete their accounts, and brands will continue posting, but engagement will drop. Eventually, advertisers will start using other platforms.
  • Meta pushed out a very basic product. Here are my guesses as to why:
  • They were in such a rush to get live that they couldn’t even add basics like editing posts or hashtags.
  • They don’t have a robust roadmap for the product, so they left out the basics so that they have features that users will get excited about in the future.
  • Being able to pull in your Instagram audience was a genius move.
  • Meta needs to allow third-party apps that brands use for engagement and scheduling, like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, access to the API (if there is one) as soon as possible to make community managers' lives easier.
  • Meta needs to be very smart about when and how they allow advertising. This could really disrupt the adoption rate. And when they do incorporate ads into user’s feeds, they need to be strict about what type of content is allowed on the platform.
  • When Meta does allow advertising on Threads, I am curious to see what this will do to CPCs and CPMs.
  • I wish it were another company launching the Twitter disrupter and not Meta.
  • The community and types of posts remind me of Twitter's early days, a land of exploration, experimentation, and vulnerability.

It will be interesting to see if Thread’s adoption rate continues to surge and what the engagement rate on the platform is in 3/6/12 months.